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Class orchid.gui.Calculation


public class Calculation
extends Object
A class used to calculate dates and others infos for the Perpetual Calendar.

Frédéric Salvy
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Constructor Index

 o Calculation()

Method Index

 o getNbOfDayInMonth(int, int)
 o getTodayDate()
 o getTodayDay()
 o getTodayMonth()
 o getTodayTimeHour()
 o getTodayTimeMinute()
 o getTodayTimeSecond()
 o getTodayYear()
 o initCalendar()
 o setTime(int, int, int)


 o Calculation
 public Calculation()


 o initCalendar
 public GregorianCalendar initCalendar()
 o getTodayDate
 public Date getTodayDate()
 o getTodayTimeHour
 public int getTodayTimeHour()
 o getTodayTimeMinute
 public int getTodayTimeMinute()
 o getTodayTimeSecond
 public int getTodayTimeSecond()
 o getTodayDay
 public int getTodayDay()
 o getTodayMonth
 public int getTodayMonth()
 o getTodayYear
 public int getTodayYear()
 o setTime
 public int setTime(int date,
                    int month,
                    int year)
 o getNbOfDayInMonth
 public int getNbOfDayInMonth(int month,
                              int year)

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