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Class orchid.object.DateHourProposal


public class DateHourProposal
extends Object
implements Serializable
A class used to propose a date and an hour for a meeting a user has been invited to.
A stored date hour proposal looks like:

Fri Oct 02 00:00:00 GMT+00:00 1998 1400

The objects to arrange a meeting are used in this order :

  1. MeetingProposal
  2. DateHourProposal
  3. RangeProposal
  4. Meeting

Marc-Aurèle DARCHE
See Also:
MeetingProposal, RangeProposal, Meeting, ObjectTest

Constructor Index

 o DateHourProposal()
 o DateHourProposal(int, int, int, int)

Method Index

 o getDate()
 o getDay()
 o getMonth()
 o getTimeOfDay()
 o getYear()
 o setDate(int, int, int)
 o setTimeOfDay(int)
 o toString()


 o DateHourProposal
 public DateHourProposal()
 o DateHourProposal
 public DateHourProposal(int year,
                         int month,
                         int day,
                         int timeOfDay)


 o setDate
 public void setDate(int year,
                     int month,
                     int day)
 o setTimeOfDay
 public void setTimeOfDay(int timeOfDay)
 o getDate
 public Date getDate()
 o getYear
 public int getYear()
 o getMonth
 public int getMonth()
 o getDay
 public int getDay()
 o getTimeOfDay
 public int getTimeOfDay()
 o toString
 public String toString()
toString in class Object

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