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CGI scripts in Perl
version franšaise

The CGI norm (Common Gateway Interface) defines the way applications can communicate with the Internet browsers. By default, the program or script receives on standard input the data under encrypted form, and sends back on standard output the result as a HTML page or image ...
A detailed course on CGI programming with Perl and Databases
A Web interface for Linux systems and others,
A Distributed Web interface to centralise home pages on distributed web servers ,
Web Interface to Linux Peripherals
The source of the Web Inside Intranet Server from the ESIEA (Client/Server in Perl),
Source Code of a List of students from the ESIEA,
Source Code of a Team working scheduler from the ESIEA web,
Source Code to add and update personnal web pages to a distant server activated through mail
A small script to send text mails composed offline
A script of random banners to be used with SSI
My formation page to the Web

To get more informations, go and see my CGI scripts in download and my ressources for the Web


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